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Top-quality music education in the fields of

Composition, Orchestration, Songwriting, Music Theory, and Music History.

  • Learn music from an experienced and internationally active composer, arranger, and orchestrator

  • Instruction in a variety of styles and genres including classical concert music, film, and musical theater

  • Lessons tailored to suit each student's needs

  • Online and in-person sessions available

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A new teaching approach 

Invest in your music education by choosing to learn from a specialist

  • Stop wasting your time on outdated teaching methods that don't produce results

  • Stop suppressing your creative impulses

  • Stop studying music without context

Aris' all-round teaching approach guarantees an in-depth understanding of the art and craft of music


Whether you are an amateur who seriously considers a career in music, or seasoned professional who feels the need to expand their musical knowledge, Aris can help you get closer to your goals

“With all my students we explore music and its context by tapping into music theory, history, and musicianship sessions. With my composition students in particular, my goal is to help them develop their writing skills — and their own style — while learning from the great masters of the past. We are always looking for the key that unlocks the magic in a work of art.”

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Praised for the “spiritual heights, the drama, the tension” of his music “immersing the listener into a world of sound” (The National Herald, NYC), composer Aris Antoniades creates works for everything from Symphony Orchestras to Jazz Big Bands, and has written/arranged for eight-times Grammy nominee Bobby Sanabria, the National Radio Symphony Orchestra of Greece (ERT), and X-Factor (Greece) judge George Theofanous.


A committed music educator, Aris has tutored university and secondary school students who earned top marks and achieved their goals in composition, music theory, music history, songwriting, arranging, and orchestration. Student successes include admittance to the Manhattan School of Music, Verdi Conservatory in Milan, Royal Holloway University of London, and the London College of Music, among others.


**Aris currently accepts intermediate and advanced students who are pursuing, or seriously considering, a career in music. He also offers tutoring sessions for college students.**


A recipient of the Fulbright Award, Aris holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Classical Composition from the Manhattan School of Music, in New York, where he earned the Provost's Award for Academic Excellence. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Education at Saint Louis University.

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What students say

“I started studying with Aris two years ago and every lesson has been enlightening to the highest degree. He helped guide me in my graduate applications to achieve success as a composer at the collegiate level.”

"Aris is just fantastic! You could be a beginner or a professional, he makes it easy for everybody. His in-depth knowledge of various styles of music, the entertainment industry, and the arts in general, truly makes him stand out."

"I was fortunate enough to have Aris as my tutor while in college. He always found innovative ways to make advanced music concepts seem comprehensible and easy."

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