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Unveiling Musical Fusion: Aris Conducts Stefanos Korkolis' "Cyprus" Concerto for Piano, Bouzouki, and Orchestra, Released by Heaven Music

Cover Art of the single "Cyprus Concerto for Piano, Bouzouki, & Orchestra" by Stefanos Korkolis
Release Cover

Athens, GR: In a harmonious blend of classical and Greek traditional elements, Heaven Music's recent release of Scherzo from the Concerto for Piano, Bouzouki, and Orchestra (1985, revised 2019) by composer Stefanos Korkolis is a testament to the timeless allure of musical fusion.

Recorded live at the Pattihio Municipal Theater in Limassol, this rendition captures the raw essence of Korkolis' vision, unedited and resounding with authenticity. The Scherzo movement exudes a unique energy and vitality, captivating audiences with its dynamic interplay between the piano, bouzouki, and orchestra.

At the heart of this mesmerizing performance is Stefanos Korkolis himself, showcasing his virtuosity on the piano along with the exceptional bouzouki stylings of Giorgos Dimitriou. The TrakArt Orchestra, under the masterful baton of conductor Aris Antoniades, who also adapted the work for Chamber Orchestra, provides a rich tapestry of sound, elevating Korkolis' composition to new heights.

Dedicated to the great Greek bouzouki legend Thanasis Polykandriotis, this musical endeavor pays homage to the rich heritage of Greek music while pushing the boundaries of classical composition. It's a tribute to the enduring spirit of artistic innovation and cross-cultural dialogue.

"The greatest honor, however, is that Stefanos decided to name his concerto Cyprus as a mark of his deeply rooted relationship with our orchestra and our country. Thank you, Stefanos!"

When asked about the release, Aris said, "It's such a great honor to have been given the opportunity to collaborate on this fabulous project with one of my musical heroes, Stefanos Korkolis. I am immensely proud of my orchestra - our very own TrakArt Pops - who took this wonderful work and elevated it to new heights. I am also very grateful to have worked with the bouzouki virtuoso, George Demetriou! The greatest honor, however, is that Stefanos decided to name his concerto Cyprus as a mark of his deeply rooted relationship with our orchestra and our country. Thank you, Stefanos!"

***The single is released on all major music platforms, which you can access HERE!***

Release Details:

Concerto for Piano, Bouzouki, and Orchestra (1985, rev. 2019)

Movement IV – Scherzo

Music Composed & Orchestrated by Stefanos Korkolis.

Live, unedited recording from the “Pattihio Municipal Theater” in Limassol.

Published by Heaven Music

Audio Credits:

▪ Piano: Stefanos Korkolis

▪ Bouzouki: Giorgos Dimitriou

TrakArt Chamber Orchestra

Conductor: Aris Antoniades

▪ Sound Recording & Mastering: Andreas Georgallis

▪ Music Adaptation for Chamber Orchestra by Aris Antoniades

▪ Music Engraving by Savas Rakitzakis

▪Orchestra Musicians:

Violins I: George Hadjigeorgiou, Andreas Zenonos

Violins II: Konstantina Maimari, Maria Malakouna

Violas: Konstantinos Christou, Nicholas Papageorgiou

Violincelli: Doros Zesimos, Marios Stylianou

Bass: Nikolas Tryphonos

Flute: Konstantinos Makaritis

Oboe: Stamatis Solonos

Trumpet: Giannis Koudounas

Trombone: Anastasia Kikel

Percussion: Maria Kramvi

▪ Dedicated to Thanasis Polykandriotis

|| Special thanks to:

▪ Papadopoulos & Schinis Productions Ltd

▪ George Lykiardopoulos / Lykofos Productions

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