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TrakArt Pops Orchestra Shines at the Grand Opening of City of Dreams Mediterranean Integrated Resort

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

LIMASSOL, July 14, 2023 - The captivating sounds of the TrakArt Pops Orchestra resonated through the magnificent gardens of the City of Dreams Mediterranean Integrated Resort and Casino as they took center stage at the highly anticipated grand opening gala on July 11, 2023. Under the baton of conductor Aris Antoniades, the orchestra delivered a spellbinding performance that left the audience in awe.

With an illustrious history and a reputation for excellence, the TrakArt Pops Orchestra has become synonymous with exceptional musical experiences. Their performance at the gala was no exception. The evening was filled with a harmonious fusion of symphonic arrangements, pop hits, and breathtaking vocal performances.

Joining the orchestra on stage were esteemed guest singers Aliki Chrysochou, Andreas Aroditis, and George Ioannou. Together, they created an enchanting atmosphere, captivating the hearts of all those present. The seamless collaboration between the orchestra and the vocalists was a testament to the talent and professionalism of everyone involved.

Under the direction of Aris Antoniades, the TrakArt Pops Orchestra displayed exceptional versatility and musical prowess. The program showcased a diverse repertoire that spanned various genres and eras, ensuring there was something for every musical palate. From classical masterpieces to contemporary favorites, each piece was delivered with precision and passion.

In addition to the TrakArt Pops Orchestra and the guest singers, the gala also featured a spectacular performance by Greek-Swedish super star Helena Paparizou, who won the Eurovision Song Contest for Greece in 2005. Her electrifying stage presence and captivating vocals added another layer of excitement to the event, leaving the audience mesmerized.

The grand opening gala, hosted by Mr. Lawrence Ho, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Melco Resorts & Entertainment, and Mr. Menelaos Shiacolas, Managing Director of CNS Group, was graced by the presence of Cyprus' President, Mr. Nikos Christodoulides. As a symbol of the resort's official inauguration, President Christodoulides ceremoniously declared the City of Dreams Mediterranean open to the public.

The integrated resort officially opened its doors on Monday, July 10, welcoming guests to experience the luxury and entertainment it has to offer.

About TrakArt Pops Orchestra: Founded in 2021, the TrakArt Pops Orchestra has earned a stellar reputation for its exceptional performances, combining symphonic sounds with popular music genres. Led by artistic and music director Aris Antoniades, the orchestra continues to captivate audiences with its versatility, passion, and commitment to delivering extraordinary musical experiences.

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