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"Toccata & Fugue" Premiered at St. Michael's Church, NYC (PHOTOS)​

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

NEW YORK / FEB. 6TH, 2019 - Last night I had the great joy of attending the premiere of my new work for Organ, Toccata & Fugue, at St. Michael's Church in New York City. The piece was masterfully performed by organist Shannon Murphy, who co-commissioned the work along with her colleague Austin Philemon as part of their FRESH PIPES: A Concert of World Premieres for Organ project. The concert also featured new works for Organ by Victor Baez, Lydia Wayne Chang, Suzanne Kosowitz and Austin Philemon. The event attracted a big audience, including some of New York's finest organists, and I was extremely happy to see many familiar faces who took time off their busy schedules to come and support us.

Writing for Organ was something very new and exciting for me. Having no Organ tradition back home in Cyprus (Greek Orthodox Christian rites do not typically feature any instruments), the first time I ever had the chance to listen to a live organ performance was during my early college years in New York - and it was love at first sight! I was not just amazed by the sound capabilities of the instrument, but also by the sheer skill required to play it. You can, therefore, imagine how happy I was to have been offered a chance to write for this great instrument.

I would like to congratulate Shannon and Austin for their awesome performance and thank them for believing in my work.

I would also like to thank Eleni Sakellis and the National Herald for attending and reviewing the concert. You can read the review HERE.

Photos from the concert can be viewed below.

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