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"BIZONE" Original Score Recording Session

I had an awesome day yesterday, recording my original score for Calvin H. Tran's new film, "BIZONE". The session took place at the NYU studios in NYC. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all members of our chamber orchestra who did such a great job and to our recording engineer, Peter Christmann. I would like to especially thank my good friend, and extremely gifted conductor, Bence Juhász who flew all the way from Hungary to conduct the ensemble for us.

"BIZONE" is a truly wonderful work of art that was a joy to score​. The film explores the life of a young orphan during the aftermath of WWII in Germany. A big thank you to Calvin for entrusting me with the music. For more information about the film and its director, check out Calvin's website: ​​

(see pictures below)

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