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Aris orchestrates and conducts a successful run of "The Impossible Dream with Diastasis"

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

Aris conducts the cast and band of the show "The Impossible Dream"
Aris conducting the cast and orchestra of "The Impossible Dream"

Limassol, CY: Aris orchestrated and conducted a successful run of the show The Impossible Dream with Diastasis - a staged concert with songs from famous musical theater works - which opened on August 10, 2020 at Limassol's Municipal Garden Theater. The show was dedicated to the late Panicos Schinis, one of the country's biggest producers, who sadly passed away last year.

Despite the many difficulties that had to be faced as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Diastasis Cultural Foundation managed to persevere, defying the negativity of the past few months, by staging a big production and bringing joy to hundreds people who hadn't had the chance to visit the theater since the beginning of the health crisis.

Aris with the pit band before the show
Aris with members of the pit band before the show

When asked about his experience Aris mentioned, "I had the great pleasure of working with an amazing group of musicians and an excellent music supervisor, Andreas Georgallis. It was, certainly, a very fun experience for me."

He further noted that, "It is, unfortunately, very rare to have local musical theater productions performed with a live music band in Cyprus. I am very happy that we were given the opportunity to promote this wonderful art form in its true splendor. I hope that this can mark the beginning of a new era."

The show, aside from members of the Diastasis Cultural Association, featured performances by top-tier Cypriot singers Andreas Aroditis, Aliki Chrysochou, Riana Athanasiou, Christina Averkiou, and Marilena Papakyriacou. The show was directed by a veteran of the business, Marios Papadopoulos.

The Impossible Dream band, conducted by Aris, was comprised of Antonis Polycarpou (piano), Constantinos Makaritis (flute/piccolo), Giannis Koudounas (trumpet/flugelhorn), Vyronas Athinodorou (euphonium/guitars), Evelthon Michaelides (bass), and Xenios Evaggelou (drums).

After the success of the show's limited run, the production is scheduled to go on tour around the country in November (provided the COVID-19 measures allow for it). Stay tuned!

The band after soundcheck
The band after souncheck

Below you can see some excerpts from our concert.

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