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Aris and friends perform COVID-19 #stayhome Concert Live from the Pattihio Theater

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

Limassol, CY: Aris joined forces with his good friends Konstantinos Krasidis Makaritis (flute) and Andreas Aroditis (tenor) to perform a short live-streamed concert from the Pattihio Theater. The concert took place on April 9, 2020, during the government-imposed lockdown and was part of the #stayhome concert series organized by the theater, along with Limassol City's Municipal Council.

In a post-concert interview, Aris said, "...this series of concerts was such a great initiative by the theater and the local government. Not only did it create a platform for local artists during a devastating time for the arts, but it also gave our local community something to look forward to every week." When asked about his experience, not only arranging but also performing in the concert, Aris replied, "It's one of the rare times one will ever see me perform on the piano, in public. I'm usually the hidden collaborator (the orchestrator) or the conductor. I have to say, though, that I really enjoyed sharing the stage with these two magnificent performers, and good friends!"

The cabaret-style concert, which included musical theater standards, big hits from Disney movies, and more, was received very warmly by the audience and is now available on YouTube (link provided below).

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