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VIDEO: Guest Conducting Limassol Municipal Band's Holiday Concert

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Working with amateur groups is always a very special experience. The fact that these people, young and old and from various backgrounds, dedicate so much of their own free time to create music is simply remarkable. In such groups, even though there's very often a lack of technical expertise, there is always a unique sense of excitement about music which, sometimes, professional musicians tend to forget.

The Limassol Municipal Band is a community band, first established in 1909, which consists of 60 basic members of different ages - many of whom I am proud to call my friends. Every year, the group performs a number of concerts and marches, including an annual holiday concert in December.

On a number of occasions, the band and its artistic director - Thanasis Athanasiou - have entrusted me with the task of writing/arranging pieces for the band. This year, I had the joy of guest conducting the group at the their annual holiday concert that took place on December 30th, 2016 at the newly renovated Pattichion Municipal Theater in Limassol. I would like to thank the band members and its director for supporting my work and wish everyone a very Happy New Year, with lots of music!

Here's a short excerpt (video) of the band performing a medley I wrote back in 2014, Christmas From Around The World:

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